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For more than fifty years, The Summit Lighthouse has been publishing the teachings of ascended masters, the mystics and sages of East and West. These teachings bring to people their personal message of inner divinity—a message contained in every religion of the world.

The teachings of the ascended masters encompasses learning the power of the violet flame, working with angels, and practical way to integrate the knowledge passed on to us by these masterful saints. Because sons and daughters God have graduated from earth’s schoolroom, attained union with God and left their foot prints for us to follow, we have a spiritual path to attain that Christ consciousness.

Mark L. Prophet founded The Summit Lighthouse in 1958 and was later joined by his wife Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The Summit Lighthouse, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to bringing the teachings of the ascended masters as brought forth through these two messengers to the world so that every seeker can discover the limitless power of their Inner Self - their I AM Presence.

Many ways to connect include: books, CDs, free podcasts at iTunes and YouTube videos, online courses, book study groups, local and international seminars and events, plus spiritual community. To find out the latest news, please check The Summit Lighthouse website.

Email us for information and more about how you can use the use of the Science of the Spoken Word and powerful visualizations for personal and world transformation.


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