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Mystical Path of Confucianism

Confucius dedicated his life to teaching others how to bring order into their lives, their families and the empire. His vision has been described as a "social order in communion and collaboration with a cosmic order."

Confucius believed we could bring order into our lives by tapping into the divine order of heaven and conveying its love and wisdom through culture and its ritual and music.

We will start with Confucius' statement:

"To assimilate wisdom and put it into practice, we must first investigate and reflect upon all phenomena and cull out what is true."

Join Elizabeth Clare Prophet in this spiritual journey into the path of Confucius and Eastern mysticism for the Western mind.


Confucious and the path to cosmic order with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Download Confucius Lecture:

Confucius' Formula for Family
and Community Building
(PDF 119 KB)

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